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Kategori Catatan Harian 10 Februari 2016   12:10 WIB

Dawn of Globalization !! our entering WTO has quickened its steps!!! We be come manufacturing powerhouse of the whole words !! what will follow ?? Exploitation..? Economic invation..? Confrontation..? Hostility..? Not Really, Provided we that we handle the current situation wisely. Confucus said "The gentleman is versed in what is moral, The small man is versed in what is profitable". for the sake of economic reconstruction however, we are chasing big bucks and materialism is now the name of the game. A rapid growth in GDP is accompanied by worrying moral negligence. Loyalty, Sincerity, Modisty and Filial piety. might be codenses of the past, we have actually been losing our tradition. not becaouse of direct materials or attack from others.

Globalization is only catalyst. you maybe buying McDonals frinchise and making a big fortune but you don't know at the same time you are not only changing you kids palate but also teaching your famillies not to cook and becoming slack in our time honoured culinary art, there is no one escaping it. Globalization market by shopisticated advanced technology and cheap, accessible comunication methodes but ever since the may fourth movement. isn't it what we have clamouring for ?? but what we do not realize is that coming from west. it is more than just Mr. Democracy and science an Mr. Individualsm has also stealthily crep in being influenced by it.

We are be coming more self-sentered and selfish. paradoxically however, our traditional culture and values tech us to a ceertain extent, to star with individualism. How can rule country administer a goverment or even mantain a fmily without being able to manage yourself..? so globalization is a golden opportunity for self-evaluation. it's outrageously arrogant to thing that we are the best in the world, even if we are we still have to be humble. This is Indonasion way.

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