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Constant Craving

Blue, whitish long shirt
Tidy, short haircut
The day was Sunday but you were dressing like office man

You pulled out two sheets of paper from your bag
List of inspiring old people on it
You slept at the office for printing that
The day was still very young
Our pals were mostly on their ways
But you had impressed me

Four would-be donation receivers
Two packages of praying equipment
One goody bag of fine clothes
Two heavy boxes of staple foods
I couldn't help feeling a little bit overwhelmed

But you seemed OK with that
You were the one behind the wheels
You were navigating the long trips
When we got lost
You didn't ask me looking for clues
You did it on your own

You're much younger than I am
Yet the way you handle things wows me
You make me ashamed of myself
For all of these, you are one of a kind..

Picture is taken from www.wikiart.org

Karya : Eny Wulandari