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The Story of Us

I can’t remember exactly when we first met. All I believe is that I was at the elementary school. One day, I went to my grandparents’ house then saw my uncle was busy doing his homework. I was quite curious what he was doing at the time so I looked at the book he was studying. The cover of the book was blue and once I opened it, I was mesmerized. It contained wonderful, simple pictures in strange words. The word the was the first that caught my attention. I was like asking for myself “what does it mean?” Little did I knew that I have had a crush on English language since then.

A thick book later stole my eyes. I opened it then again all I discovered was new, weird words. “That’s an English dictionary,” my uncle, who is just a few years older than I am, said. I said to myself at that time that only jobless people who would look at dictionary.

The first unexpected encounter was more than enough for sparking the flame of curiosity in my mind. It was like something challenging was awaiting me but I was too little to understand that. So, I didn’t pursue it. My elementary teacher didn’t teach me about you back then. A few years after that, I met you again and studied about you almost every day for now I was at the junior high school and you became one of the majors that we had to master. I can’t say I was joyful to have met you again. All I was certain to say was that I always got excited each time the teacher delivered all the students needed to know about you. Grammar was a bit scary because it was difficult but unlike Math or Physics that seemed didn’t permit me to have had longer time to topple them, you were patient. You welcomed me despite the fact I was quite struggling with grammar.

You have always had something exciting to offer despite boring sessions about grammar. For the first time in my life, I eventually knew a subject that never bored me. I didn’t really care about how good or bad my English language grade was. All I felt during our regular meetings when I was at the junior high school was that I was in full spirits every time you greeted me. For the first time in my life, I had so much fun studying at school and I felt that only when I was studying about you.

I loved you even more when I firstly listened songs in English language. Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Boyzone, then Westlife have made my fondness for you growing even greater and deeper. There was unexplainable feeling each time the songs struck my ears (honestly, I didn’t even understand what the songs they sing mean).

You must have known the rest when I was at the senior high school. I liked you even more. My friends often came to me every time they had problems with English language. When they wanted to know the lyrics of any English songs, they came to me, too. Our happiness had to stop briefly when I was at the crossroads on what would I take for the third grade, social or science. I had wanted to go with the majority; I had wished to follow what others deemed as cool or worthy to chase after, which was science. But one English session when I was 17 years old changed my intention.

At that time, the English teacher asked for each of us to deliver an essay on what they would pursue after school. I just jotted it down what was inside my mind. Ally McBeal was my inspiration at that time. So I wrote and to my surprise, my story was long enough. I was surprised at my own story for it was beautifully-written, smooth, good grammar and long. My teacher and my friends were amazed with my presentations and I was stunned at myself, too. I didn’t believe I had done that. Not only my writing was (I proudly declare) much better than those from my friends whom were smarter than I in other field of studies), but also because I spoke so fluently. I was a little bit nervous but on top of that, I was enjoying the short presentation.

For my teacher and my classmates, they just saw an extraordinary presentation but for me the moment was my life’s first milestone for I got the answer on what would I take for the third grade.

Somehow, I still expected to have entered the science studies just for the sake of people’ praises. I was put into the social studies then. I was stressful mostly because I was afraid that I was labelled as a stupid student only because I was studying social knowledge. So I worked harder and when I graduated from the school, I kept trying to defy you for the sake of people’ opinions. I attempted to enroll a prestigious school of accounting but I failed. I cried after I knew that. For the second time in my life, I was rejected.

Only after I was accepted as a student of English Literature in a university in Yogyakarta, I realized that I was trying to fooling myself by expecting I became a student of science study or learning accounting. Two years after the acceptance, I felt very thankful that they rejected me for because of that, I was now learning the subject that I have loved most. I felt very blessed that Alloh swt directed my life on paths I have always wanted. And I was completely contented that no matter how far I tried to run, my life has always come back to English language, it has never left me and I promise I won’t try to leave it, again..

Thanks so much caly-creativewriting.blogspot.com for the picture.

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