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Primroses blossoming among thick grass
mango tree growing by the side of our house
bluish walls intertwine with white doors

one room is left messy
this is the place where my books rule
and a few of your favorite things

there ain’t no joyful than the central spot
for this is where I can spend hours reading
while you are glued with notebook

the joy of solitude is all here
where our eyes speak more than words
we don’t mind taking spaces just for the sake of it
we know when is the time for our soul comes out from its closest

the dining room is the noisiest of all
we argue a lot about food, drink and life
you complain how plain my cook is but eating it anyway

the one-storey place is where we belong
it nourishes our hearts, soothes our souls
the one where we can always get back no matter how life throws at each of us
nowhere we can seek but here..

thanks a lot for the picture

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