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Self-love is never, ever, selfish

It takes a gut for you stand up for what you believe in. It takes a courage for you to protect yourself from people whom you may think will hurt your feelings. 

In a world that celebrates fame and popularity, staying the same is a grand thing that should be applauded more often. Yet, modern people, particularly we, Indonesians, are not used to behave like that. Most of the times, we get carried away with the trend; with what most people say. Sometimes, the tide gets us way too far.

We're a bit afraid of losing people because we may hurt them should we speak the truth. We're afraid of being alone, then.

The same goes with our romance story. We tend to sacrifice our dignity for the sake of love. What kind of love if you have to freely give your value, anyway? We settle less than what we deserve.

It takes years for me to realize how liberating it is to believe in my worth. To love myself, physically and emotionally. Scars, bruises, wounds sank me but I am thankful for that for now I can float.

Loving yourself means prioritizing your want and need. This means you treat yourself as an VVIP. This requires you to listen to yourself very well so that you know how to mend yourself when your heart gets broken, what things you need to do when you get emotional or when you get crazy because you receive good news.

Once you opt to make yourself as the first choice in everything you may get surprised because you'll find yourself renewed and refreshed. May be you can be a little bit intimidating. Your confidence shines so bright that initially you're afraid that your honesty may dissapoint others. 

But don't back down. Don't be frightened to say "no" when it's necessary. Don't give your heart for people whom you're doubtful about their commitment to you.

Because darling,

You're worth more than your physical beauty. You have a lot of things to offer to the world. You have bunch, bunch of positive vibes to pass on. You are gifted and you are loved.

May be not by the ones as you expected but one day, new people will say how damn lucky they are to have you.

And you can only, and only, experience this magical story by loving yourself first.. and above all else.

Picture source: www.botcommunications.com

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