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dr. Fernanda Rochman Ardhana
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dipublikasikan 27 April 2016
It's My Personal Blog

Hello guys, i'm Fernanda Rochman Ardhana from Cileunyi, West Java, Indonesia. I'm a paramedic. But my favorite hobby is writing poems and short stories. My poems and short stories have published in several respected Indonesia newspapers. You can see it in


 “I once asked my own body,

"How to revive the reality of life that have been fairly sunk for a long time? "

My legs was replied,

"Stand up! And let's say you've found it again. In one day onwards, it will be absolutely go back, without your demand.”

- Fernanda Rochman Ardhana -


The life only set all souls to embrace death which was interspersed by rewards and sins in every stopover points.”

- Fernanda Rochman Ardhana -

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