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It's My Personal Blog

Hello guys, i'm Fernanda Rochman Ardhana from Cileunyi, West Java, Indonesia. I'm a paramedic. But my favorite hobby is writing poems and short stories. My poems and short stories have published in several respected Indonesia newspapers. You can see it in http://saungfernandarochman.blogspot.co.id/


 “I once asked my own body,

"How to revive the reality of life that have been fairly sunk for a long time? "

My legs was replied,

"Stand up! And let's say you've found it again. In one day onwards, it will be absolutely go back, without your demand.”

- Fernanda Rochman Ardhana -


The life only set all souls to embrace death which was interspersed by rewards and sins in every stopover points.”

- Fernanda Rochman Ardhana -

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