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Kategori Puisi 23 September 2016   15:17 WIB
A Bride To Be

Hey, look inside my heart now;

So various sensations;

Just let them flow;

Jump up into the highest.


Love, cheer,  joy,  gladness;

Anxiety and edginess, even;

Hope for the fulfilled wishes;

Worship and pray need to strengthen.


How I’m eager to arrive;

From making it comes true;

The belief I keep surviving;

From deeds I was going through.


Now, it’s getting closer;

Every single second chases;

For a blank to be better;

From singular to whole lots.


May all good prayers are answered;

May fortune and delectation always have plenty;

May great plan and scheme are accomplished;

May it’s doused with bless permanently.


Yeah….., I’m a bride to be! :)


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