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Mama, Mama, Mama

From silence to crowd;

A new-life has been created sent by God;

I was lying down in a wonderful-secret place;

You brought my wanna-be life;

Merely count on you;

Your embrace was the most comfortable.


From an infant to a child;

The moment I cried frequently;

Explored my cheer and laughed a lot;

Walked, ran and Played around;

You would be there, stand by me;

With more affection and patience.


From teenage to adult;

Complicated and difficult times turned up;

Nevertheless, the exciting ones were on me;

Not so mischievous I was;

Achievements to be your proud I presented;

Seeing your smile of joy are all I’m contented;


From a girl to a woman;

Mistakes, fault, wounds, I did;

No deliberate intention to create conflicts, somehow;

Magnificently, you never surrender for praying;

I’m free of worry once you sincerely bless my marriage;

I’ll feel your love a whole life long.


From zero to hero;

I really am now;

It’s all because of you, MAMA…

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