Tears for the Rohingya

Denny JA
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Tears for the Rohingya

Tears for the Rohingya by Denny JA

When I slaughter a goat and a cow
As a sacred sacrifice on Eid Ul-Adha
Oh, Lord
They also slaughter scores of people in Rohingya villages Including my friend’s baby son

When I immerse myself during ablution before evening prayers Oh, Lord
They also begin their ritual of raping scores of Rohingya women, Including my friend’s youngest sister

When I begin my morning prayers
In search of your grace and benevolence
Oh, Lord
They resume their eviction of
Tens of thousands of Rohingya from Rakhine State

They are forcefully evicted
From their own land
The Rohingya are now stranded Not knowing where they should go Including my friend’s mother

Darta is his name
He is not a politician
He just cares
He has been touched by this human tragedy The withered gardens of the Rohingya people

In the midst of praying,
Tears flow from Darta’s eyes
It is as though he can hear the moaning,
The groaning voices of tens of thousands of people, The Rohingya are praying:

“Please be merciful, Oh Lord
They have persecuted us for decades They have killed us thousands of times”

“We do not know what misdeed we have committed Is it merely because of our religion?
Is it just because of our ethnicity?
Is it simply because of our ancestral roots?”

Darta remains silent for a long time He feels something touching his heart He decides to write a letter
To the ruler there:

“Aung San Suu Kyi
I used to be firmly on your side
At that time you were a flower blossom Resisting without resorting to violence Although you were constantly brutalized”

“Oh, you were our hero
We offered our heartfelt congratulations
When you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize And we sent our best wishes and prayers”

“But now, Aung San Suu Kyi
You have become a ruler
It is unbelievable that you are doing Exactly what you used to oppose...”

“Because you remain silent
When brutality is committed on your soil Because you remain silent
When women are being raped”

“Because you remain silent When babies are murdered Because you remain silent

When mothers are forced to evacuate and seek refuge”

“Because you remain silent
When the world admonishes and rebukes you So now
I oppose you
So now
I say NO to you”

“The passage of time has changed your face You who were once a flower
Have now become a weapon of war”

Having finished composing his missive Darta reads his message once more From the letters of his words
Tears trickle and flow...

From the periods and commas Blood seeps and flows...

September 2017


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