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Kategori Puisi 26 September 2017   11:14 WIB
The Usurpers of Religion

The Usurpers of Religion by Denny JA

Oh, Lord
They quote tenets of faith and dogma
In their right hand they hold the holy scriptures While they use their left hand to kill

Oh, Lord
They extol their beliefs
Their lithe tongues promulgate the virtues of compassion But their eyes are full of fury

Listen to his chant
How calm and bright it appears
But look... Owww, his teeth are fangs Ready to devour anyone whose ideas differ

Rosa sat silently for a long time
She had turned off her cellphone
She could not completely comprehend: Who precisely was the ruler of hearts?

She had just read the news
Buddhist devotees engaged in mass cruelty of Rohingya in Myanmar

Christian devotees engaged in a killing spree in Central Africa Muslim devotees detonated suicide bombs in Indonesia Hindu devotees spread terror in India
Jewish devotees had mistreated Palestinians for decades

What was wrong with them?
Prayers soften the heart
But why would essentially the same prayer Be used as a pretext for committing murder?

Religion teaches me the virtues of love But why should the same religion Provoke them to be full of anger?

(Rosa asked Darta
A spiritual teacher who understood the science of life Darta was after all a philosopher)

When religion was born from the womb of life The usurpers of religion were also born
When love was blossoming in the garden of hearts A group of hijackers also germinated

An evil spirit has a thousand faces
It shrewdly and stealthfully deceived the heart of mankind

Come acquaint yourself with the usurpers of religion A snake resides within their heart
Oh, they are very vicious
Every morning they also pray

But their prayer is deceptive They utter God’s name While they commit murder

Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist
Hindu, Jewish, and any other religious affiliation In each case they appear as fragrant as a flower But the usurpers of religion
Conceal weapons within their flowers

(Rosa sits quietly for a long time Darta resumes his sermon:

In Rohingya villages
These usurpers have disseminated hatred They have sown the seeds of cruelty
They have enflamed a religious war

However, religions are not at war
The religious prophets are still brethren

Only the usurpers are at war

Set out and visit the Rohingya
Come with all your shared mutual love Help the Rohingya
Assist them through the love of humanity

September 2017

Karya : Denny JA