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Kategori Puisi 26 September 2017   11:03 WIB
Permit Me to Kill my Virgin Daughter

Permit Me to Kill my Virgin Daughter by Denny JA

(Within a hut
Amidst the endless din of gunfire The whimper of a prayer is heard, A bizarre unusual prayer)

“Oh, God
Please permit me to kill my virgin daughter
My only child
If I don’t
She will surely become prey for a pack of savage wolves Squabbling to spill their spittle within her body
Taking turns raping her
And finally even killing her”

“Oh, God
Permit me to kill my beloved wife
My soulmate
If I do not
They will bind her to a tree
And force her to witness her daughter Being devoured en masse
And then my wife will also die

Bearing hellish pain...
It would be better for them to die at my own hand From a man who loves them
But holds no power
To defy or rescind the inevitable”

“Or Thou can redeem and release them from this fate In exchange for my own life
Because my life has become fruitless
If I can no longer protect the lives of those I love”

The man who delivers this prayer could be anyone He could be Rohingya
He could be Syrian
He could be Sudanese

He could be Congolese
He could be Bosnian
He could live in many places

His religion could be one of many
He could belong to one of many ethnicities
But his face will always belong to a minority people Caught in a cruel conflict
He will always be a bird of prey
Tracked and devoured by savage beasts

(The sound of gunfire grows more distinct
The hot breath of the wolves is fast approaching He embraces his daughter
And hugs his wife
These are his last words:

“Swallow this pill
This world is too gruesome For those who have a heart Let’s die with dignity”

September 2017

Karya : Denny JA