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Kategori Puisi 26 September 2017   10:50 WIB
I Hear the Rohingya People Calling Out by Denny JA

I Hear the Rohingya People Calling Out by Denny JA

Amidst a large throng of people,
Rosa stood up to pose a question:
“Teacher, please tell us more about the Rohingya What should we do to help them?”

The Teacher exhaled a deep breath
Then he spoke to everyone assembled there His eyes stared directly at the sky
And then he proclaimed:

“Whenever you hear mothers wailing Because their baby has been killed Whenever you see fathers sob and wail Because their daughters have been raped You should realize

That the earth itself is mourning”

“When you know that many are suffering
Because they have been forcibly exiled
When you are astonished
That their lives are considered less valuable than a piece of bread Then you should realize

That the earth itself is crying”

“Then you will no longer need to ask:
‘What’s the religious background of the oppressed victims?’
‘What’s the ethnic background of the perpetrators?’
No longer will you need to inquire
‘In which country did this happen?’
You will no longer care about their political orientation
You will no longer concern yourself with financial aspects of misfortune”

“No matter what the background affairs are When the earth cries out
You are its son or daughter
The earth is your mother

Come closer, wipe the tears from Mother Earth’s eyes”

(Rosa asked another question: “But Teacher, should we go there And fight with firearms?”)
The Teacher responded:

“My child, bring whatever you can Weapons are not merely rifles and bombs For the poet, poems are ammunition
For the businessman, money is ammunition

For the musician, songs are ammunition For the politician, lobbies are ammunition”

“Thus, come not only with physical weapons You can come with whatever you can bestow You can go and be useful through your art You can go and be useful through your work And at the very least through your prayers”

“The burden you are given will not be any heavier than what you can carry
And nature will suddenly and unexpectedly convey the message from your heart It will creep stealthfully and touch the heart of your neighbors
Because one heart will always reach out and touch another “

The Teacher then took a tree branch And inscribed one word upon the sand: “Rohingya”
Everyone gazed
As tears trickled from this inscription

The Teacher exclaimed:
“I hear the Rohingya calling out
Set out and reach them with your mutual love”

September 2017

Karya : Denny JA