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Where is She When the Rohingya are Crying? (The Tale of Aung San Suu Kyi)

Where is She When the Rohingya are Crying? (The Tale of Aung San Suu Kyi) by Denny JA


Where is she standing
When children’s heads are decapitated? When young people are burnt alive? When maidens are gang raped?
When the moon is pierced by arrows? When wounded Rohingya scream in pain?


Even as the spotlight of the world is focused on her She sits quietly in a corner of her room
Her heart feels outraged
Embracing her Nobel Peace Prize


Embracing her public support
“How unfortunate,” she says,
“My name was fragrant when I was brutalized Yet now my name reeks as I cling to power Oh, mysterious life
You have intruded unexpectedly”


Her loyal viziers assemble
She requests their advice:
“What should I do?
Why have these atrocities occurred?


Many years have I tended my flower garden
Why has it now become full of venomous snakes?”


One vizier stands upright
He is known for his strategic expertise His face is cold
As frigid as his frozen heart


“Madame, the elections are fast approaching
Loss of life cannot be avoided
Security must be firm
A resolute posture must be demonstrated
Cruelty is a useful tool for paralyzing the opposition After all, even the vast ocean


Needs bloodthirsty sharks”


“But the victims are a minority group
They number less than 5 percent
And are despised by the majority
Expressing sympathy for this 5 percent
Will only wound the sensibilities of the 95 percent Madame should not defend these pests


At the expense of ruining her pretty flower garden”


“Maintain your silence
Wait until the elections have ended
Then Madame will be able to play a more potent role When power is more firmly held in your grasp
It would be imprudent to play with people’s emotions now Madame will lose...
The elections are fast approaching
The dark of night certainly looks pitch black
But the early light of dawn will shortly appear”


Madame quarrels with these ideas:
“But aren’t I wielding power right now? My heart is not a mathematical calculation I too feel pain and shed tears
There must be something I can do
I detest brutality
Do not breed snakes in my flower garden”


Another adviser now speaks:
Madame, listen to this recording
Our troops have witnessed these scenes Whatever assets we have are not found in heaven The public has certainly become divided
It is clear that we cannot defend everyone”


The recording is played
The raucous voices of majority leaders are heard Stirring up further incitement
And simultaneously inspiring fear


One leader speaks:
“Behold this minority
They reproduce so quickly
They breed as fast as rabbits
It’s only a matter of time before they become the majority And we become the minority.”


“Then they will oppress us...
Before it’s too late, we must eradicate them For the sake of preserving our country
For the sake of preserving our religious beliefs”


Like a choir, the large masses ceaselessly mimic his words: “Yes, yes, yes...
Before it’s too late, we must eradicate them
For the sake of our country


For the sake of our religious beliefs”


The intense heat of their fury disturbs the sky The blue sky has disappeared


Replaced by a bonfire of hatred Cattle are bleating irritably

The flower garden is ablaze


Madame is becoming furious
Again she disputes her advisor’s counsel:
“But the world will be even more unfortunate
If it is shared by majority and minority groups This world was not designed for constant brawls Between the victorious and the vanquished”


“I must listen to the voice of the majority Although I too shed tears...
There must be something I can do
I do not like brutality


Please do not annihilate the pests
With poison that may destroy my flower garden”


Another vizier now stands And speaks:
“Madame must choose And not be greedy


It is impossible to achieve a happy outcome for all”


“To be a hero that saves mankind
Or to be a strong ruler?
In this conflict-ridden world
The less Madame takes a humane stance
The more power Madame can exercise as a ruler
But the more Madame expresses humane positions
The less power Madame will wield as an effective leader Madame must make her choice.”


We live on planet earth Nirvana is only an illusion


Her counselors had all spoken and had departed She was alone now
She contemplated their words for many hours And her heart began to shudder


Embracing her Nobel Peace Prize Embracing as well her mantle of authority She screamed within her silence:
“Why can’t I accomplish both objectives?”


The flower garden that she had nurtured with her tears Which had grown from a long-abandoned struggle
Was now scorched and seared


Even the Nobel Peace Prize
Was now struggling and thrashing about
It no longer wanted to be embraced by her again


September 2017

Karya : Denny JA