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Kategori Inspiratif 7 September 2017   01:41 WIB

  1. Social Criticism through Essay Poetry by Denny JA (Klik disini)
  2. The philosophical poetry of Denny JA, its religious elements, and social function by Jasni Matlani  (Klik disini)
  3. Denny JA’s Essay Poems: One Analysis and a Fleeting Impression by Professor Madya Ampuan Dr Haji Brahim (Klik disini)
  4. Quenching the Thirst for Religious Meaning in Denny JA’s Poetry by Dr. Phaosan Jehwae  (Klik disini)
  5. “The book, Atas Nama Cinta (In the Name of Love), a literary work by Denny JA: Social Issues in Indonesian Poetry” written by Jamal D. Rahman  (Klik disini)
  6. Denny JA’s Essay Poetry by Ashadi Siregar  (Klik disini)
  7. Essay Poems: What are They, and What is Their Value and Purpose? by Denny JA  (Klik disini)
  8. Understanding Denny JA’s Essay Poems by Sapardi Djoko Damono (Klik disini)
  9. Sutardji Calzoum Bachri: One Short Article Concerning Five Long Poems (Klik disini)
  10. Essay Poetry: Its Potential and Its Challenge by Agus R. Sarjono (Klik disini)
  11. A Brief Overview of Denny JA’s Essay Poetry by Leon Agusta (Klik disini)
  12. “Essay Poetry”: In What Directions Can it Develop? by Berthold Damshäuser (Klik disini)

Karya : Denny JA