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The Huffington Post: Voice of Indonesia-22 Poetry Books by Denny JA

By Robert John


By chance, I met 22 books of poetry in Amazon.Com, published simultaneously, the work of one person alone: ​​Denny JA. I was startled to see so many books of poetry, published in the name of a poet at a time. The number was that surprised me.

Before I bought them, I tried to look on the internet, who Denny JA is. Turns out he is a political consultant, a businessmen, an academician, an intellectuals, an activists and also a philatrophist.

He has also been recorded once by a world caliber: TIME Magazine, as the 30 most influential figures in the world of internet, along with Obama. There is even his book of poetry before, Fang Yin’s Handkerchief, once a best seller Amazon.com.

Soon, I bought 22 of his new poetry books, plus his book Fang Yin’s Handkerchief. Viewing diverse professions and awards he received, I suspect I will read reflections of life in a broad insight.

For 3 days, I focus on reading throughout his works. In addition to some technical weaknesses in English translation, I really was impressed with the philosophy of life, religious views, depth reflections that I have encountered in the 22 books of poetry.

I consider this 22 poetry books are the voice of the East, the inner voice of modern Indonesia. Or the local wisdom of a liberal intellectual.

For those who do not like the philosophy “the Art for the sake of the Art” and supporters of “The Art for Politics,” these 22 poetry books of Denny JA immediately eliminate that hunger.

There is a common thread as a platform 22 books of poetry Denny JA. These poetry books are generally about the issue of religions and discrimination in the liberal perspective.

In one book, for example, Denny JA displays the data how the western world is more Islamic than the Islamic countries. In another book, he shows transcendental unity of all religions.

Not only Islamic religious orthodoxy is he criticizes. But also he is questioning the orthodoxy of the Catholic religion and other ways of life. In each book, I feel that perspectives and values ​​He stands is the principle of universal human rights.

What are the big things of 22 poetry books by Denny JA?

Denny JA made poetry into an essay, or an essay into poetry. This is an unusual way of writing poetry that he tried to popularize: poetic essays (Puisi Esai). These are the poem flavored essays, or essay flavored poems.

We enjoy Denny JA’s poems as we enjoyed reading the essays. There is even many footnotes in his poems. I feels the presence of extensive research as the basis of writing poetry. Similarly I feels like reading a short story: there is a plot in that poem. Even there are statistics in that poetry.

Various poems of Denny JA are very strong philosophically and full of social ideas. Should religion be in school’s curriculum? Could some one be a good Muslim at the same time be a homosexual? Should nuns wanting to serve God not married?

Various social ideas above are often the subject of academic papers. But they are now actually encountered in the poetry.

For those who just love art for art course very likely will not like the breakthrough from Denny JA. You may accuse him as “riding” poetry for social movements, for example.

But for those who are always open to new insights for literature, 22 books of poems by Denny JA are a breakthrough, a style of writing that is loaded with great ideas


Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/57e06137e4b04fa361d9a35c?timestamp=1474322954891

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