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Kategori Catatan Harian 15 Desember 2016   23:56 WIB
Sweet Home, Miss Home

No place like your own home, because that is located in your hometown. Your home is where your family is. A place where you were born. 

And, family is where you find truly love, happiness, and life. That is where your heart is. Even if, in outside you probably got the same, but it will not certain same.

But, in some situation you have to leave the place, not because you have found better one, but you  must do that. You have no any choice.

When you in that case choosing it. You may still wonder that have  you chosen the right decision?But, your family will ensure you that you have done the right one.

Then, you can see how family can give you strength even when you yourself are worried, and even you stay farest from them.  Although, longing becomes your friend. ~_~


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