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Kategori Project 13 Desember 2016   16:56 WIB

It is not like that I don't care about the relationship between us, of course not. I just think that it is not too important, because for me the most important between us is how we create and feel the moments, how we communicate and keep it each other.

I don't think that I can be one of your important person in your life, and I don't expect that. Altough I will be really really happy if I can be. I do hope, honestly, at least I can leave a good impression in your life. So, in one day when I am not there for you, I can't stay beside you anymore, you probably will smile and remember me when there is something reminds me about you.

Because I know, that our togetherness is just temporary. Someday we will come back to our home. Then when the time has come, we will not there for each other anymore, but don't be worry because it won't change our togetherness memories ^^

13th Dec, 16


Karya : Harmawati