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Welcome Jets

I'm so sorry because I've decided to make this project and I used Jets' name as title. 

I just want to write every story with you, member of Jets which I called Jetser. So dont be surprise if you find your picture or your name in this project. (Tapi kalo keberatan  nanti kasitau saya langsung yah) 

It has been 3 three years of our togetherness.  Many things that we have faced together. Happiness, sadness, argument fear and so on.  I  do hope that it's not too late to make this.  To make a recording of those. (Terlambat lebih baik daripada nggak sama sekali kan?)

Next year maybe we will not passed a day, a month, a year together. It should be happiness if this is happened, because it means that we have finished our journey. But on the other hand it's so sad because we have to move even from our togetherness. 

If it has come, we couldn't be same as before. We will be busier than before. And it won't be easy to meet. The thing that we can do is remembering each other, remembering our togetherness. Did you know that one day those togetherness can make you smile in your hard time. 

That is one of the reasons why I create this.  Suapaya ceritanya kita tidak pernah mati. Dan nanti jika kalian merasa lelah silahkan berkunjung ke sini, kali aja bisa buat pikiran-pikirannya kalian jadi lebih tenang abis liat momentnya kalian bareng Jetser. ^^

I love  you , thank you, and forgive me Jets ^^- Harma

thank you juga buat inspirasi.co, I cant make this without this best  place . ^^



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