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Kategori Motivasi 21 Juli 2016   00:10 WIB
Note to myself

Sedikit cerita untukku (diriku) tentang hidup, tentang kebehagiaan, tentang cinta, tentang kepedulian, tentang berbagi dan tentang kepercayaan. 

The greatest life does not depend on how many things you have, but depends on how you love, care, share to anothers. 

You have no perfection, of course you are only a human being. You dont need to complain it.

The best thing to do is being thankful for everything that you have. Being grateful to Allah and to all people around you who contribute happiness or even sadness in your life. 

Love and trust yourself. Someone said that It is better to hate who you are than love who you are not. "Do not pretend to another just because you want something from them."

I believe in you -myself- you won't do that. You are not a person who has character like that. Well, be grateful, fella. You are blessed. ^^

Mkss, 21 July, 2016

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