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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Language is a means of communication between one another. With a language all can understand the intent and purpose. In addition, the language is also used to convey something, the idea (opinion), the idea to others in order to understand what we inginkan.Dan one of which is the language in economic development. Ie as a tool to help smooth communication in the field of economics. And assist a more modern way of thinking in giving ideas or solve problems in economics. Therefore, if careful in using the language, we will be careful in thinking karenamerupakan also a mirror of the power of reason (mind). Language is a tool that is used as the language of the mass media to support economic development. Due to the correct use of language is a language that apply rules consistently. And good language is a language that has a proper sense of value and in accordance with the situation pemakaiannnya. The use of language is good and right will produce good thinking and true anyway. And all that?s needed in economic activity in the world. So that language has a very large role in the economic field, in order of economic activity in Indonesia running properly and according the rule.

??????????????The role of human language is very important. Language is used as a tool messenger from about a man to others, from the speaker to the listener, and from the author to the reader. With language, humans can express their ideas and thoughts to others. So the language is also one can affect others. Similarly, in the business world. Language has an important role in the progress of the efforts of businesses or entrepreneurs. For example, to introduce the product to consumers. Therefore, the language is not only used as a tool to improve the marketability, but also used as a tool to achieve the target even beyond the desired target by businesses.



? ? ? ? ? ? ? Language as an important communication tool for the user to get the attention of the language itself. In general, the study of language function was associated with factors that are involved in the communication process. All elements of the communication relates to the function of language. Jakobson (1973: 53) states the six factors involved in the communication, namely; 1) speakers (adresser), 2) the hearer (adressee), 3) context (context), 4) the message (message), 5) contact (contact), and 6) the code (code).

??????????????Six factors are mutually supportive of each other to communicate. Therefore, the language can be used as 1) emotive, referring to the personal use of the language with speakers so that the addressees focus on the speakers; 2) conative, refers to the use of language to influence, persuade, order or prohibit. This function focuses on the speaker desires doing or thinking addressees; 3) referential, referring to the use of language that is associated with it, objects, processes, events that are outside the speaker or hearer and focus on the content of the message reference something; 4) poetic, refers to the use of valuable poetic language; 5) fatigue, focusing on the communication channel (the opening, establishment, and maintenance of the relationship between speaker and hearer; 6) metalinguistic, focusing on code that is used to describe the elements of the language (Arifin, 2004). So it can be concluded that the function of language can be used in a variety of needs.
Leech (1981: 42) suggests five factors in the process of sending and receiving messages. Factors that raised Leech are 1) the speaker or writer, 2) the listener or reader, 3) channel (channel), 4) the message, and 5) the problem (subject-matter). Based on these factors, five functions proposed language, namely (1) expressive, (2) directive (directivee), (3) phatic, (4) aesthetic, and (5) informational.

? ? ? ? ? ? Language functions according to Leech compared with language functions according to Jakobson is the location of the informational function. This function is associated with factors issues or topics discussed. These functions with respect to information about what was discussed. While Jakobson, include referential function. Referential function is wider in scope than an informational as referred to in the context of referential communication, while more specialized informational on issues or topics discussed.

??????????? Halliday (1989) states that such a study is only based on language functions from outside the structure of language itself. For Halliday, language function must be regarded as a fundamental characteristic of the language. The function of language should be seen as something inherent and fundamental in the organization of language, especially the organization of semantic system.

??????????? Based on that view, Halliday filed functional theory in linguistics. Halliday suggests three functions of language. The functions of language that is 1) ideational, 2) interpersonal, and 3) textual. Ideational function is a function of language with respect to the disclosure of the utterance or speaker of real world experience and world consciousness. Interpersonal functions related to the function of language as a builder and maintainer of good relations with the speaker. Textual function with respect to the function of language as a builder of a series of language, both series circuit between elements of language and linguistic elements in the context of the situation.

??????????? Function of language as a communication tool is the tool most detailed and effective (Pateda, 1994: 4). In the development of the language of experiencing growth and change. This is supported by Parera (1998: 19) states that in the process of development, language change, renewal, no new elements are created, and there is an element that is increasingly faded long use. All that occurred following the movement and community dynamics of usage. Thus, language is a tool of cultural products and at the same time. Structure, vocabulary, and other language elements that occur as a result of human creativity



??????????? In this modern era business is the main option in mencar iatau creating a business, it?s all because the business world is a world that is most likely to benefit many. Instead of becoming a civil servant who receives a salary barely a businessman can set your own salary.

??????????? But in business we need communication. Language as a communication tool has its own role in the business. As a citizen of Indonesia of course we use the Indonesian language as the national language, we know that the Indonesian also been taught from kindergarten through University high.However any language i role in business in this paper the authors sought to examine the issue.

??????????? As a tool to cooperate with fellow humans (business) language certainly have an important role in the business world. Business itself does have a variety of functions which are very important both for the entrepreneurs themselves, the community is also the State.

??????????? Therefore it is good business to be supported by good language anyway. At the present time the language is very important especially human behavior would be seen from the language they speak. Therefore, many companies in Indonesia using the language prerequisite for job applicants. Can we see also in language education curriculum included in the National Examination (Indonesian and English) .Therefore we can not underestimate the language.

In the business field of language usually used as a promotional tool and also marketing. For example, advertising a product without good language and interesting of the public would not be interested in these products. in communication between employees and bosses would also require language, communicative and polite employees would be more respected and well respected by other employees or by superiors.

??????????? Therefore, language is a fundamental thing that is capable of supporting both the absence of global economic growth.

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