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What Is Responsive Web Design And Why Is It Important?

          Internet users now not only access the internet from a computer only. The growing technology makes it easy for people to access information from the internet in many ways. The Internet can be accessed with computers, smartphones and tablets that have different resolutions. Lately, it's a responsive web design trend, a web design development in order to perform well and comfortably on browsers on any gadget device with different screen resolution. As today's users are switching from laptop to tablet or smart phone, the website should automatically adjust the resolution and size of the image. So, the website must have a technology to automatically respond to user preferences based on the screen resolution of the gadget used.

         Maybe we have opened a site using a smartphone and once open, the site is cut-off or looks very small because it adjusts to the width of our smartphone, it happens because the site layout is not applying the responsive design. More or less responsive designs are meant to make the web designs perform well by adjusting the screen resolution width of the device automatically. It is intended for convenience and maximises layout view so that all content can be seen without having to cut and must use horizontal scroll in a browser.

       For those of you who create websites, blogs, and online services, all will experience the same single problem that is millions of gadgets with different screen resolution will access your website. Due to the development of the gadget today allows many people start to open web pages from their gadgets devices, both devices with small screen resolutions such as mobile phones/smartphone or on medium screen resolution devices such as tablets/iPad /laptop, so Responsive Web Design can provide comfort for those who view the web because the layout can adjust the width of the screen on the device concerned, ranging from layout, font size, and image, to hide which content you do not want the show to maximize the layout.

         Web designers or web developers must start to thinking about responsive design to provide convenience to web visitors and maximize the presentation of their web content to make it easier and more comfortable to read on various devices. Especially for business owners, it is important to have a responsive website in order to get more customers. As one of the best and responsive website design company in  Bali, we give best website design service for your business, for more information please kindly check our site Bali Website.

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