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Last week my friend and I went to Jogjakarta. Our main reason is to escape for a couple days from our final assignment. The other reason is to take care of my friend?s vehicle registration since her motorcycle from Jogjakarta.

Shortly, we went there to do a little vacation-yet-entertaining-and-penniless ekeke. So, here some travel tips for muslimah (subjectively by my opinion) :

  1. Dont forget to bring bergo hijab (a kind of jilbab that you can wear langsung geblus without need any pin (?)). You can wear this kind of jilbab when you wanna go out for a minute or not too far?from your residence.
  2. Bring 2 socks at least as a stockpile. You dont know when your sock gonna wet or something.
  3. Highly recommended to wear (and bring) gamis as a stock. Why ? Because gamis is so light, simple, and multifunction. As a woman, ?its not easy to ignore bout apparel thingy. Every woman wanna good look whenever she wears something. When you bring (and wear) gamis, you dont need to think bout skirt or pants you wanna wear, you just think bout hijab you wanna wear. So, you dont need to bring skirts or pants that many (as many as your top-wearing). Beside it can decrease your bag-weight. When you wear gamis, you can do pray without mukena too (as long as your hijab is qualified enough to called as syar?i one).
  4. Dont forget to bring book. Whether you go traveling with or without partner, book is needed to kill time.
  5. Bring neck-pillow is highly recommended too. Moreover if you spend much time in transportation (like 8hrs-20?s hours), it can relieves your neck from pain, you dont wanna got a neck-pain in next day, right ?
  6. Travelpack-makeup is a must, mainly sunscreen! ha-ha. Dont bring your daily make-up pouch, it can take more space in your bag, travelpack one is space-less, so you can put more things in your bag.
  7. ?Bring that period-thingy as stock, moreover if you know its almost your time, or someone may needed it, just in case.
  8. Dont wear wedges/heels/stiletto or that kind shoe as long as the trip. It can hurt your feet, it can hurt your friend (cause they need to wait you to feel better). Or if you insist to wear those, bring sandal too. I recommend to wear sport shoes or sneaker. You can look good-and-well-fashioned yet you still?feel comfy.


Im sorry if those tips doesnt fit you all, it only fit for those who love simplicity dan enggak mau riweuh seperti aku. Happy travelling! Have fun!


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