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Kategori Puisi 7 Maret 2017   22:38 WIB
A Man

I fall for you

from the start of our conversation

and next conversations, next, and next

I miss you from the first ending of our words before sleeping

I miss you in every ending of our memories



There's a day when I lost the shape of you

Am I okay?

Sure, I am

I'm still alive

But there's a hole inside of me

This silence kept covering words when that man's gone

I still couldn't say to you 3 important things

First is the fact that I am you, even if we had a lot of differences

Second is the fact that I always think about you

Last, I know I'm still in love with you


Let the wind whisper to you

about 3 sentences that I won't tell you

First, You  still become my sweetest dream and my nightmare

Second, You still make my smile brighter and my sadness sad-er

Last, everything's still remind me about you



Karya : Aldea Hiranissa