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Kategori Puisi 8 Agustus 2017   10:29 WIB

Have you ever felt?

A rather strange feeling

When you just got home

From a very long journey


I didn’t turn back to my previous home

But came to a new one

Moving home was commonplace for my familiy

Since childhood, I’ve moved more than 25 times

In every home I live in, always thought that one day I would move again


Then I don’t give a great love to every home I live in

The home is just a property

Whenever I can leave it

Let the existence of memories become a lesson of life


Which I love from home are my parents and siblings who live there

They are my reason for returning, no matter how far I go

Because they are the reason

Familiy is my reason

South Tangerang~August 7th, 2017

Karya : Abdis Salam